The goal of my excursions, workshops and seminars is to let you have a different view on the objects and improve your skills and photos to be more interesting. Get familiar with your camera and different techniques. Get in touch and contact with fellow photographers and participants. is offering exciting photography events.

Here are just a few examples:

Workshop for beginners・You just started to explore the world of digital photography but don’t know the basics? Aperture, shutter speed, aperture preselection, shutter preselection, depth-of-field etc. sound like a foreign language to you? Then this workshop might be designed for you! You will learn all the stuff along with your own camera. You will be able to use more than just the full automatic setting on your camera.

Workshop perspectives・At this workshop your are set to limits and will get rules to just use a few basics. This will allow you to focus on perspectives. Take photos that you like and not for other opinions. Develop your own style in taking photos to get more exciting pictures.

Workshops as you desire・There is something you ever wanted to know about a specific technique or an unknown photographic term? You want to go into deep details and learn even more? We offer workshops with special interests on your requirements. We work together on your desired topic and deepen your knowledge on the technique or simply concentrate on the photographic terms until you feel comfortable with the new learned stuff and you are ready to go to develop your new skills on your own.

Excursions・In small groups we will discover topics like “Animal-Photography”, “Landscape-Photography”, “Exposure Bracketing (HDR)”, “Panorama-Photography”, “B&W Photography”, Architecture-Photography”, “Infrared-Photography”, “Long-Time-Exposure-Photography”, “Magic Hour” and more, you will get tips and tricks to improve your photographic skills.

Have we caught your interest? You want more information? You can’t wait until the first workshops will be available? You like to get started right away with your own personal workshop? Do not hesitate to get in contact with us and request a quote today …

Events are currently held in German only but upon your request I’m able to offer all my courses in English. If you join an excursions I would be pleased to talk to you in English.

Please visit my German site for all Sensorgraphy Events