Peter Point & Snake Lake Trail

A beautiful easy hike at the Kejimkujik National Park towards Peter Point and next to it the Snake Lake Trail, they can be combined to a nice extended walk.

Combined they are approximately 6,5 km long. You hike mostly through boreal wood and along water. The path is well maintained and easy to walk. The tour will take you about 2 hours with enough time to enjoy the beautiful views.

You will need a park permit to enter the park. At the beginning of the hike there is a small parking lot. Keep on the path there is no need to go into the woods, stay calm and take the chance to see deer and other animals.

Difficulty: easy
Distance: approx. 6,5 km
Duration: approx. 2 h


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Peter Point & Snake Lake Trail, Kejimkujik National Park, Nova Scotia Canada — 3 Comments

    • Hi Norman,

      thank you for your comments! I appreciate your feedback and the site you mentioned is awesome, I really love it, I’m still looking for a plugin or any option to show EXIF data along with my photos like the webpage you mentioned does (of course not in that dimension).

      Many thank’s again!


  1. Good Morning Joerg,
    I loved looking at all your photos. We are located just a little south of Nova Scotia, unfortunately I have not been up through that area. I am hoping to visit Price Edward Island this summer. I noticed that your photos had all the GPS data embedded. That’s fun. Have you ever played with It’s a fun little website that I recent stumbled upon, maybe you another one that you prefer? Thanks again for letting me post.

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